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Facial Exercises with JawFlex can Strengthen Facial Muscles for Sports and Rehabilitate Jaw Muscles after a TMJ Surgery. JawFlex is the Only Dental Mouth Guard for TMJ Treatment and Remedies to Reduce Facial Wrinkles in the Market.

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Help Strengthen Facial Muscles and Prevent Glass Jaw Knockouts for Sports

JawFlex is uniquely designed to tone and strengthen facial muscles. Training the facial muscles will result in burning fat.. Not only does JawFlex tone your facial muscles it also helps protect them. JawFlex trains your jaw muscles in result preventing glass jaw syndrome related injuries such as flash knockouts and concussions. When you use JawFlex you aren’t only working out your jaw muscles you are also doing facial exercises that enhance the overall health and beauty of your face.

JawFlex for Health and Beauty

JawFlex is not limited for boxers and contact sport athletes. It is also well known in the cosmetic department for facial toning and beauty routines. Our facial exercise device is proven to tighten and tone isolated fatty areas located on your face and neckline region. Double chin exercises are now effective with the use of the JawFlex tool. If you suffer from TMJ look no further JawFlex has a solution for you. In order to restore joint motion you must exercise and build muscle surrounding the temporomandibular joint. Doctors recommend JawFlex for TMJ treatment. TMJ exercises are much more effective with the use of the JawFlex. In addition, facial wrinkles can also be reduced or even prevented by using the JawFlex.

Designed With Special Technology

JawFlex is simple in nature but it was created using technologically advanced materials and methods. This technology includes dual coil resistance springs that enhance facial exercises, and soft durable materials that provide comfort for use. JawFlex was engineered and designed by dental technicians who understand more than anyone how important fit and comfort are in the mouth. They also understand how important it is to mimic the natural bite motion of the human jaw. The JawFlex combined all these features to create the perfect mouth guard for demanding facial exercises, TMJ exercises, TMJ treatment, and build facial muscles for a nice jawline. JawFlex is perfect for all your facial muscles demands!

1. Put JawFlex in Your Mouth

JawFlex is made from the highest quality heat and pressure materials that bring you a safe, easy to use, and effective facial exercises for your facial muscles. Our JawFlex features a patented universal fit design that secures inside your mouth with comfort.

Important: Each jaw workout is approximately 5 to 10 repetitions at your own pace. Stop exercise if you feel any discomfort. Clean the mouth piece with running water after each exercise.

2. Ensure the Mouth Piece is Secure in the Mouth

Use JawFlex for facial exercises helps strengthen facial muscles and maintain a nice jawlines for better physical appearance. JawFlex mimics your natural biting motion while gently developing facial and jaw muscles which can eliminate glass jaw from flash knockouts with contact sports.

3. Slowly Open and Close the Jaw to Exercise

By doing facial exercises with JawFlex mouthguards, it help targeted your temporalis and facial muscles. These are the muscles that are engaged during the bite motion, which is an important factor for TMJ treatment or a recovery method for TMJ disorder. Synchronized by dual spring resistance the mouthguard closes together to perform a repetition.

MMA & Contact Sport Athletes

"After using Jawflex I don't train without it. Jawflex gives me unmatched confidence in the octagon."

Bodybuilders & Fitness Models

"Ive used Jawflex pumping up backstage before competitions to off training days. I can use Jawflex conveniently wherever I am for a fast pump."

U.S. Special Forces

"Jawflex gives me strength physically and mentally. it keeps me focused in the field raising alertness and puts me at an advantage before entering combat."