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How to Perform TMJ Forward Jaw Movement Exercises

Performing TMJ forward jaw movement exercises daily can relieve TMJ pain and rehabilitate the jaw muscles to its normal condition.

The temporomandibular joint is also the jaw joint. It is located just in front of and below your earlobes on either side of your head. The two joints usually work simultaneously as a pair and usually connect the mandible bone or lower jawbone to the temporal bones of your skull. The TMJ is usually a complex structure you use when eating, breathing, and talking. As one of the most frequently used joints in your body; it is usually at a high risk of getting injuries or suffering from other pains. There are various TMJ exercises you can perform using JawFlex® TMJ exerciser, including the TMJ forward jaw movement exercises. Forward jaw movement exercises are simple exercises you can perform to relieve TMJ pain fast. using our

It is easy to perform the forward jaw movement exercises with our jaw exerciser. Here are steps to do forward jaw movement exercises for TMJ relief.

  • Look for a clean sanitary object about a quarter inch. For instance, you can have two tongue depressors.
  • Put the object between the lower and upper front teeth.
  • Slide your lower jaw forward till the bottom teeth pass in front of your top teeth. Hold for twenty seconds.
  • With time, the exercise should get easier and you can then increase the thickness on the object.

The other variation of the forward jaw movement involves:

  • Putting a plastic spoon or wooden stick between the lower and upper front teeth.
  • Move the lower jaw forward and backward.
  • You can also move the jaw slowly to the right and left side for some minutes.

As you do the two variations of the forward jaw movement exercises, you may feel some pain. However, with time, you will get more comfortable, and your jaw will recover efficiently.

How Forward Jaw Movement Help in TMJ Relief

Forward jaw movement exercises help stretch, strengthen, and relax your temporomandibular joint. This does not only relieve the pain but makes your mouth open and close smoothly.

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