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How to Perform TMJ Jaw Relaxation Exercises for TMJ Relief

The simple way to find relief for a TMJ disorder is to do Jaw Relaxation Exercises or by using our TMJ exerciser.

A major cause of TMJ pain or disorder is stress or too much jaw clenching. When you feel stressed or anxious, you tend to clench your jaws. You can clench the jaws while you sleep or awake. Clenching the jaws worsens the pain because the joint is loosen. You can use JawFlex® TMJ exerciser to do jaw relaxation exercises to helps relieve TMJ discomfort.  There are various TMJ exercises you can do with our jaw exerciser to strengthen jaw muscles to relieve TMJ.

The TMJ relaxation exercises make you feel relaxed holistically, but they also focus on the specific muscles that the TMJ pain targets. The exercises are easy to perform. You can perform these exercises one or two times a day. They do not only help in TMJ relief, but help increases mobility, strengthen the jaw muscles, and relieve even other painful jaw muscles.  The most crucial thing is to ensure you schedule them in your daily routine.

Here are some of the ways to perform jaw relaxation exercises for TMJ relief.

  • Inhale slowly allowing your stomach to expand, instead of your chest. Exhale slowly making the exhalation last the same time as your inhalation. Do this five to ten times.
  • Sit or lay in a comfortable position, tense, and then release the tension from each of your body muscles. Start with the feet and move up towards the head and end with your TMJ. This is a more progressive relaxation exercise to help you understand the areas of the tension. The exercise also helps you with techniques to release the tension consciously.
  • Press the tongue against the top of your mouth just behind your upper front teeth gently. Then, allow your teeth to fall apart as you relax the jaw muscles. By doing this, your lower and upper jaw come apart comfortably. After you practice this exercise, open and close your mouth slowly as you keep the tongue in place. This is an exercise you can do.
  • Place your thumb under the chin and use your thumb as resistance, while opening the jaw for a few seconds. Hold the chin with your pointer finger and your thumb gently as you close your mouth. Then, open the mouth with the pressure from your finger and thumb as resistance. Close your mouth and repeat this ten times.

Massage Your Jaws

Massaging your jaws can help them relax by releasing the tension that has to build up in them. If you have TMJ soreness, massaging the jaws is a great option too. Put your fingertips in between the lower jaw and the temporal bone. This is the area where the jaws meet at the side of the ears. Apply circular motions as you massage the area gently and ensure you never touch the sore area.

Apply An Ice Pack Or Use A Warm Towel

Depending on what you find appropriate, place a cold pack or warm towel on the TMJ for extra pain relief, and reduce the swelling.

Head Massage

Head massage helps relieve tension and great pain. Ensure the head massage focus on the jaw muscles and templates too.

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