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How to Perform TMJ Tongue Exercises for TMJ Relief

Performing tongue exercises can easily relieve TMJ pain by relaxing the muscles around the jaw.

Temporomandibular joint works as a hinge that connects the skull to the jawbone. The joint is susceptible to pain that results from injuries or other disorders. TMJ dysfunction includes difficulty chewing, pain in the jaw, or locking of the jaw. It is easy to relieve the pain by using the JawFlex® TMJ exerciser. The TMJ exerciser can help you perform tongue and other various exercises that offer relief for TMJ pain. JawFlex® jaw exerciser can help rehabilitate jaw muscles to relieve TMJ pains. Tongue exercises for TMJ relief are simple to perform and can help relieve minor TMJ pain. It is recommended to perform tongue exercises in front of a mirror. Here are simple tips on how to perform the different variations of TMJ tongue exercises.

  • Begin by opening the mouth as wide as you can.
  • Move the tongue towards the top of your mouth.
  • Place the tip of the tongue back towards the tonsils.
  • While moving the tongue towards the back of the mouth, use the tongue tip to feel to determine the soft spot on your mouth roof.
  • Once you determine the soft spot, use the tip of the tongue to put pressure for five to ten seconds.
  • Then, you can stick the tongue out of your mouth as far as possible and then hold for five seconds and then release for five seconds.
  • Repeat this process five times.

Other Variations of TMJ Tongue Exercises

Exercise with Tongue position at rest - Do this by placing your tongue tip on the palate, behind the front teeth. This is usually considered as the best position for your tongue to keep your jawline muscles more relaxed and relieve any form of pain.

Exercise with Tongue up and wiggle - Place your tongue on top of the palate and then move the jaw from side to side.

Tongue Strengthening Exercise - Put a stack of tongue depressors between the bottom and top rows of teeth. The number of tongue depressors you use should be determined by the size of the opening between your lower and upper rows of teeth. You should have enough depressors to provide your jaw with a good stretch. Hold the stretch for up to five or six minutes a few times a day.

How TMJ Tongue Exercises Help

The tongue exercises help in TMJ pain relief as they reduce joint and muscle tension, thus providing long-lasting relief. The exercises are simple and discrete, meaning you can even do them in public.

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