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Exercises for TMJ Relief

There is no reason to suffer from TMJ pain when you can perform simple exercises for TMJ relief at home. The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is the joint that connects the jaw with your skull. You have two of these, one on each side of your face in front of the ear. These joints allow you to speak, eat and make facial expressions. Most of the TMJ dysfunction includes multiple disorders that often overlap. It becomes challenging to pinpoint the main cause. It’s best to try jaw exercises for TMJ relief. Most people only suffer from temporary TMJ symptoms that do not get worse. If you have TMJ, it is best to start simple jaw exercises at home using jaw exercises device such as JawFlex®..  

Purpose of Exercises for TMJ Relief

There are no definitive reasons for the occurrence of TMJ. The most common reasons include dental problems, wear and tear of the joint, injury to the jaw, jaw clenching or teeth grinding, or any other diseases such as gout or fibromyalgia. Here are some of the symptoms that you need to look for –

  • Discomfort in the jaw especially when talking or eating
  • Aching pain in front of the ear that spreads to your face
  • Your jaw ‘locks down’ making it difficult for you to open or close your mouth
  • You will hear a grating or clicking sound every time you chew or open your mouth
  • You have an uneven or an uncomfortable bite every time you eat something
  • A tired feeling in your face all the time

If you think you might have TMJ disorders, it is best to see your dentist or doctor at your earliest convenience. They might offer you some medications to manage your discomfort, but they won’t have a long-lasting effect on your jaw muscles. There have been no known medications that are effective for TMJ. One of the most effective treatments for TMJ can be done by you, such as exercises for TMJ relief. Exercises for TMJ symptoms allow you to treat the inflammation in the jaw joints and also relaxes the muscle so that TMJ improves over time. Using JawFlex® for longer periods during the initial stage of the TMJ symptoms can help eliminate the pain and control the muscle tension in the jaw. After a few weeks of usage, you can skip to using JawFlex® for jaw exercises for TMJ about 2-3 times every day as a prevention treatment for TMJ.

Benefit When Doing Exercises for TMJ Relief

Surgery for TMJ disorder should be your last resort when all other treatments have failed, and you still have persistent pain. Since it will take you weeks to recover from TMJ surgeries, it is best to first try out exercises for TMJ relief. JawFlex® is being used by thousands of people suffering from TMJ disorder because of the many benefits that it offers.

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